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I started my career in the field of haute couture wedding
and evening clothes, founding in January 1997 the fashion house Elena Vorrea Haute Couture n Kolonaki in Athens.

The house achieved great success all these years, being the first in Greece to establish the minimal look in its wedding and evening clothes, dressing numerous brides and clients as well as many celebrities.

In October 2012 I took over as chief designer of the house and in the seasons 2015 and 2016 my grunge & luxury grunge bridal collections found great acceptance from my brides and in general to the female and not only public.

Today adapting my creativity to the demands of the new era and leaving behind the activity of my natural Atelier. I created an online Atelier of wedding and evening dresses exclusively to order to the measure of the bride and for any woman who wants to get an evening dress also to her measure.

Through a large collection of bridal and evening dresses of high quality construction and fabrics, as my creations have been characterized all these years. Quality and quantity is a difficult task that I want to believe with the right collaborations with the right partners that I succeeded.

Obviously I could not, not adjust the prices of my own creations and the rest of the collection of the whole concept, to the new financial data, coming to agreements and collaborations with large textile factories and handmade construction of wedding and evening dresses. I managed to combine the high quality of seams and fabrics and my own creations as well as the large factories I work with at amazing prices!

And because my perfectionism is known to all my favorite brides and my friends and clients of my evening dresses, I am pleased to personally guarantee the high quality of the seam and the fabrics of the entire large collection that you will find here in my new online Atelier.

Addressed now, apart from the Greek and to an international audience, as befits the international recognition that my brand name has after 24 years in the field of high quality wedding and evening dress.

Enjoy the brand new online ATELIER VORREAS.

George Vorreas

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